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For the past five years I’ve been able to describe Nicaragua in a handful of words—I’ve used it as a time to disconnect and explore a world that is unhurried, untouched, ...

Sometimes I also like to comb the sea 📍#tenerife  #longexposure  #canaryislands  #blackandwhite  #monochrome  #fineart  #storm 

It's hard not to fall in love with these beautiful creatures.

We got up early in the morning to enjoy this beautiful view.

This is some new work, part of a series I'll release soon. Here, waters flow from above, deep within the valleys of Fiordland. Rain and glacial melt journey beneath thriv...

I hope everybody had a nice weekend! I'm currently on holidays in Kempten in Southern Germany. I grew up here and always love coming back! Has anyone been here yet?

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Kicking off the weekend with a boom! What can be said about this post ? #ASKFORwonder  and Follow us for more.. ⤵⤵⤵ TAG @ASKFORwonder  on your worthy posts to get featured....

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Domingo en La Lucena. Llueve para satisfacción de todos y como regalo. #LaLucenaELC  #Landscape  #EducacionACampo 

When the sun is finally out in Paris .. it reminds me of that day in that dreamy place 🐳 #summerfeeling  #summerplease  #tb  #Santorini  #dreamyplace  #astarte  #thatview  #lan ...

The mountains are calling. ❤️

Sometimes you need to look up! This was two weekends ago.

Récompense de fin de journée! Une vue avec le ☀️ ...🤗

They knew how to have fun . Lance and Jasmine were such an adorable couple. They knew how to be goofy and how not to take themselves too seriously even at the wedding, ex...

Chocolate time for Saudi Mystery Woman

Saudi Mystery Woman going shopping

Saudi Mystery Woman at Taste of Kuwait food festival

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