Clear skies ahead! 📷: @silviatravelgirl

Norwegian Cruise Line - @norwegiancruiseline Instagram Profile by norwegiancruiseline 4 days ago
Clear skies ahead! #CruiseNorwegian
📷: @silviatravelgirl

Clear skies ahead! #CruiseNorwegian  📷: @silviatravelgirl 


4 days ago diane.leboeuf

Loved the Sky. It was my first cruise si it holds a special place in my heart.

4 days ago loriannhayes

Did I just read Norwegian Dawn will be out of NYC next year for the F.L.-Bahamas summer cruises?

4 days ago kier1010

@lays.zee  are you on next week's sky cruise?

4 days ago lays.zee

@kier1010  no I’m on this Sunday’s Breakaway. 😅

4 days ago its_me_naledi22

My No.1 it mega....wish to go back

4 days ago carolinedandelot

@dendiescohen  le notre M-9 😍

4 days ago 3d_model_center


4 days ago laurennss_

@kier1010  look up college party cruise on google there’s a website for it ... 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

4 days ago laurennss_

@kier1010  to make matters worse, I complained at the front desk (no shame, I’ve spent a lot of money on this and this college party cruise ruined it for me) and they said “NCL can’t enforce people to not be obnoxious”. Meanwhile these kids are pushing together all the outdoor tables to play drinking games, blasting music, acting like drunk idiots.

4 days ago qtparties

Great caption!!!

3 days ago agracegordon

This ship is so boring. There is nothing to do and extremely outdated

3 days ago joe_bedra71

@agracegordon  agreed I was just on this boat after being on the getaway and escape what a major difference

3 days ago joe_bedra71

@laurennss_  what did you expect on an “open bar” 4 day cruise during this time? I was on this boat 2 weeks ago with same conditions..

3 days ago kier1010

@laurennss_  I went on this same cruise another time in October and it wasn't like that at all. There were some drunk idiots but not like that! I can't believe ncl can't do something! There has to be some kind of cruise etiquette policy that they could enforce!

3 days ago kier1010

@laurennss_  Ugh I Just Looked It Up And They're on mine too 😠

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@agracegordon  what was the price like?

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@diane.leboeuf  I know what you mean

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@tlcpink69  yes you should be able to speak freely...

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@laurennss_  I'm not sure how the cruise line would have advises you about that... If you booked with a travel agent he/she would have informed you about the best and the worst times to cruise.

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@kier1010  it may happen to you as well as this is the spring break period

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@laurennss_  not siding with them but they did pay for their cruise as well

3 days ago tlcpink69

@sherifuntastic  Thank you my sister in law is taking me on my first cruise. I'm a little nervous but excited. I've known for 2 months and when ever I see a post I comment. I have never been asked to rewrite it. I wrote nothing wrong and a warning came up for me to. Can't figure out why? This wasn't right. I'm still bothered and confused. Don't even know whom to contact to see what I did wrong. 😕???

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@tlcpink69  what exactly do you do/say?

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@tlcpink69  also no need to be nervous but what I'll suggest is that you do a few excursions when you get into port to make the cruise even better

3 days ago tlcpink69

@sherifuntastic  I wrote I will be aboard the cruise 🚢 the 💎 April 21. It would be my first cruise. I heard that NCL is the best. And then I posted all the emoji that had to do with a cruise tried to post and it wouldn't let me and I have been posting the same thing for 2 months and the warning came up.

3 days ago sherifuntastic

@tlcpink69  that's not right

3 days ago kier1010

@sherifuntastic  it shouldn't be allowed by Norwegian for them to advertise it as their own party. Someone should do something about that travel agency creating that party in the first place. It's not like these people are booking with Norwegian they're booking like it's a private party

3 days ago tlcpink69

@sherifuntastic  It's not and the only bad thing if you can call it that is I posted an emoji of cigarette and I have done this before. There is a smoking section on the ship. I pushed I wanted this reported and I still haven't heard back Oh well I guess we don't have freedom of speech. Thanks for listening.

3 days ago dragonflyreads

We just cruised on the Sky over the weekend. Our first cruise and it was a great time!

3 days ago laurennss_

@sherifuntastic  “college party cruise” worked with Norwegian for them to host it, there’s probably 1000 kids being wild, if Norwegian knew about it they should’ve told me and other guests. There are families on here that don’t wanna be around partying frat kids. Spring breakers can act like that, but if NCL told me before hand I wouldn’t have booked it!

3 days ago tlcpink69

@sherifuntastic  Sorry I just saw your message. My sister in law is taking me she planned everything. I'm sure I'm gonna love the trip a couple of my friends have been on cruises before and say we should go on one. There will be about 5 of us will keep you posted. Thanks for reaching out. I know it's your job but thanks ❤🚢🚣🚁⛵🐬🐳

3 days ago nelleigh_

I can’t wait to go on my first cruise!

2 days ago sherifuntastic

We have some special offers for all Norwegian sailings... DM us or call us for more info - (347) 757-6728

2 days ago sherifuntastic

@nelleigh_  what are you waiting for? You can put US$1 down now for your first cruise with Norwegian

2 days ago nelleigh_

@sherifuntastic  unfortunately it’s not in the cards for us as of now

2 days ago sherifuntastic

@nelleigh_  ok that is understandable... More important things are happening

2 days ago k_mahoney18

@karen_louise32  I can taste it!!