Moody days in Lofoten

Moody days in Lofoten

Moody days in Lofoten


a month ago neiltapman


a month ago travelmustard

Wow great shot!! Love your work!

a month ago clemnguyenphoto

Awesome aerial and contrat shot ! Lofoten is so beautiful under every weather

a month ago dronesgalore

Well done

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a month ago lifeof_mario

Wow this is crazy! Definitely need to travel here🀘

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a month ago pvanderheyde

Great shot! Love the blue tones πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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25 days ago fpenta

@andrycurious  Grazie andry!

25 days ago fpenta

@nwdnzm  I’m glad! Thank you so much!

25 days ago fpenta

@scottay  not too muchπŸ˜„

25 days ago fpenta

@travelmustard  Glad you do!

25 days ago fpenta

@emilien.gigandet  Thanks a ton!

25 days ago fpenta

@nguyenpictures  for sure! Thanks!!

25 days ago fpenta

@lifeof_mario  for sure! Thanksb

25 days ago fpenta

@pvanderheyde  I’m glad!

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25 days ago colinknewton

Great shot!

25 days ago crulrich

Sick tones!

25 days ago wadethroughlife

Absolutely stunning man! Got to add this place to my travel list

25 days ago manueldietrichphotography

This is freaking good buddy 😍

25 days ago fpenta

@crulrich  βœŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

25 days ago fpenta

@manueldietrichphotography  thanks man!

25 days ago dronexpat

Thats so nice.

25 days ago laszloguzsvany

Beautiful. 😍

25 days ago earth4infinity

Oh man, I’m done.. 🀀

24 days ago the_indian_emirati

That's a cool ahot

24 days ago bright_backpacks

Awesome capture πŸ‘

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24 days ago sky_trotter

Nice shot @fpenta  but keep in mind local regulations in Norway only allow for flights up to 120m and this shot is clearly higher up if you compare it to the mountain top of the Reinebrigen at somwhat above 400m...

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23 days ago lukas.fiedler

So epic! πŸ”₯

19 days ago texastx3

Beautiful photo!

17 days ago susana_alcedo