I’m literally falling for you. ❤️😎

Zac Efron - @zacefron Instagram Profile by zacefron 4 days ago

I’m literally falling for you. ❤️😎#happyvalentinesday 


10 hours ago charlieg46

Ive already fell for you ❤️❤️❤️

10 hours ago eibhlin.hillshearman

@nevemorris_  ofc he is

10 hours ago harleygd2


10 hours ago tbm_itz_horrible

I can see the string

9 hours ago bekki_elaine

@strictlydeej  is this him escaping from jail orrrrrr...

9 hours ago izzy.cowdell

Ik love u to

9 hours ago grindbearitca


9 hours ago strictlydeej

@bekki_elaine  my thoughts exactly

8 hours ago jesssica_rosales

Awww me two 😚😌♥️♥️♥️

8 hours ago oliviaa.henry

Thanks baby

8 hours ago multi.fanda

Are you a candy? Cause your so sweet i cant resist.. That was hella cheesy 😂 sorry. Luv u <3

8 hours ago berecita329


7 hours ago itztristina_leung

@ms.maranan  yieeee my bb ❤

7 hours ago ferry.boattt

@_mayaslice  he’s falling for youuuu

6 hours ago baaby.padilla

@anevarez_25  me with you

6 hours ago shania_quartermaine


6 hours ago _mayaslice

@ferry.boattt  dream come true i love you so much @zacefron 

5 hours ago phia_carranza

Me too boo, me too #likeliterally 

5 hours ago gaby_carranza

me too, boo. me too.

5 hours ago lmt_2

@nakeeshavogrig  for me

5 hours ago nakeeshavogrig

@lmt_2  literally who else would he be talking about?

5 hours ago kaitlyn4_17

Ik u r

5 hours ago annygomz_

@debbie_pf  hahahaha me too🤦🏻‍♀️💗

5 hours ago darseylouise

It’s like he’s on a bundy cord

5 hours ago isabeldeltoro09

Oh my god 😊😂

5 hours ago _sillypea_

@baongockhuat13  đệch moẹ nhắc lại vẫn thấy thốn =))))

4 hours ago kymarie22

When ted convinced a cop after his first arrest he could be in a room unattended... which resulted in jumping out the window!

4 hours ago ajmolk13


4 hours ago ljbolwell94

Love you

3 hours ago judehanna

You’re adorable!

3 hours ago liliayered

For who? 🙋

3 hours ago nlapik

Oh Zac...It seems like you are "jumping for joy" for me instead of "falling for me" ... either one works 😃♥😗

2 hours ago jenniferhoare

what can i say i’m adorable @jacobpomerenke 

2 hours ago jacobpomerenke

@jenniferhoare  absolutely

an hour ago sucaaaaay__

Until now and forever i always falling in love with u bae❤

an hour ago iamlovexx

Awwww ❤️

8 minutes ago medhanitbarratt

Wow what a Valentine’s Day post @tarrantedwards  ))