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#FCBarcelona #igersFCB #Barça #ForçaBarça #Coutinho

⚽💥 @phil.coutinho  🙌 — #FCBarcelona  #igersFCB  #Barça  #ForçaBarça  #Coutinho 


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Chaky chanho

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Kesayangan no 2 setelah Messi😍😍😍😍😍

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Nice ❤️💙

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I love @fcbarcelona 

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El mejor jugador del equipo del Barcelona

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Why dose he cut a whole in his boots

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@i_am_miggy50  @irvin_cadette_758  watch valvarde admire the man . He looking sharp tho

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Love it man.......

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Fuck barca

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انستام ترانه عشق شعر کمدی

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L9s kraks

17 hours ago santigdelasheras

L9s kraks

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Hope you have a good life

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Good...vamis gon todo cautinhno

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He had a good day on the pitch...

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Karate kid

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@daniel.i.7  you have no life that's why you come to barca's page just to spread hate. Hate to break it to you but whether you hate them or not they are still going to continue to be the best