Meet Ted. 🎬

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Meet Ted. #behindthescenes 🎬

Meet Ted. #behindthescenes  🎬


3 days ago solococandy

appreciate the way you shot your photo ^_^

3 days ago yolaurr

i love ted this movie is gonna b πŸ”₯

2 days ago hannahleigh4356

They could not have picked a better actor for this role 😍😍😍 beyond excited for this movie!

2 days ago julsie.v

@erinrose82  !!!! Zac efron is playing ted bendy

2 days ago erinrose82

@julsie.v  must. See.

2 days ago danielamoralees__


2 days ago lucihowell

@camherinckx  WE HAVE TO SEE THIS

2 days ago camherinckx

@lucihowell  haha sold !

2 days ago mynameisfathermaster

@suglyn  Ted Bundy... Duh

2 days ago milliest11


2 days ago pankhuriverma

@carenalise  ur the OG Ted Bundy Fan wanna see this together

2 days ago carenalise

@pankhuriverma  i’m so honored you remember but zac efron and ted bundy? yes pls

2 days ago pankhuriverma

@carenalise  okay. done. settled. we’ll figure out when it comes out and I’ll take you on a date

2 days ago ann._.roze13

Can’t wait !!πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ€€πŸ™ŒπŸ½

2 days ago shellehgram

@yessicabundt  I'm so excited for this!!!

a day ago elisezimbardo

@_missdelaney  so excited for this

a day ago ellivry

@zacefron  as soon as I saw the stance, I knew you had it! Great job

a day ago i.can.i

This is great

a day ago jordon_taylor35

I don't look like a mug that good you be great you kill it looking forward to it

a day ago xobrookedeca  if we don’t go see this together, 10/10 crying

18 hours ago sorrynotzori

@lmedina376  So I told myself I would never watch that creepy movie again but now @zacefron  is making a remake so I have to!! 😩

17 hours ago lmedina376

@sorrynotzori  😳

13 hours ago saemie

@shuason  this is scary too

10 hours ago maddiedeebare

@livvyquinny  Can’t wait for this to come out!

7 hours ago theinstaqt

Now I love that bicep muscle!!😳

7 hours ago cynthialmau

Wow! So excited!!!!!

3 hours ago cammeltrash

owo who’s ted

2 hours ago ed.syera

@cammeltrash  ted bundy

an hour ago cammeltrash

@ed.syera  ohh ok this makes sense to me now haha