Don’t let your friends steal your Capture Youth Serums

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Don’t let your friends steal your Capture Youth Serums #diorforyouth 


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The most beautiful tumblr account just follow me @tumblresia  😇💙

a month ago _z_zoha_a_

@_thesaifali_  Go to your Kendall. 😒

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Se me murió el yor

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@bigordao  essa voz socorro

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ayyo its so lit evryone foll ow me ℥

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... Why the wig?

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gotta love the wink )😂💕

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I love you

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For this urban pollution, there should be taxation

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God Your stunner. Need to see you more on the big screen, fuck Kate Beckinsale.

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a month ago dannakll_

u are so pretty btw

a month ago ninona23

@caradelevingne  pls Cara why you say "paco"" sorry I'm not english I try to unders but I cannot thanks a lot

a month ago zhaneltakabaeva

@ninona23  she said “back off” ahaha

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tÜrKiYe’yE gElSeNe yAv

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@_z_zoha_a_  Okay okay, jeez, possessive.

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Oh beautiful l love you

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@ktfox4  @stephmwells  @tahoek8  @alix_tucker  all of my “girlfriends” winky face... yes please

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@_thesaifali_  Shukriya. 😛

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Ахрененная мимика

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L💝VE 🔥

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6 days ago frejaxxvitto


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Love you

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RIP Dior