Happy birthday @dylanefron-ride or die- bad boys for life.

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Happy birthday @dylanefron-ride or die- bad boys for life.

Happy birthday @dylanefron-ride  or die- bad boys for life.


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Dylan is my BF name and he has an older brother... wait. I’ll be right back..... sorry. Had to ask him if his older brothers name is zac. Dylan is pretty attractive but not this Zac’s Dylan. This zac’s Dylan is way less attractive than his brother. I’m so confusing. What I’m trying to say is, Zac is hot.... 😍 I’m a looser. 😂😂😂

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@__wouldyourathe__  the more attractive one......... DUH!

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snapchat yesterday said ur brother was hotter than u

3 days ago karen.kuo

why are they making up so many rumors

3 days ago karen.kuo

my friend sent me a picture of it if u want to see

3 days ago karen.kuo

pls notice me and dm me and I will send it to u

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@zacefron  happy Birthday @dylanefron 

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С этим днём ✌🏼😌✌🏼

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Zac Efron krástnej chlap přitażlivej moc semi líbí☺☺😓😓

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@abi_s2710  lol

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@katyforrester63  whattt!! 😂😂

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THE BOYS ARE BACK (See what I did there😏😂)

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Please marry me

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Ride or die!

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Right we getting married

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Happy Bday Efron Bro! 😎🎉🎁

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I love you Zac😘❤️