This is a fox. Please think before you buy a fur. @wildlives ・・・ Her smile..😍 Video by @juniperfoxx @wildlives

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This is a fox. Please think before you buy a fur. #Repost  @wildlives  ・・・ Her smile..😍 Video by @juniperfoxx  @wildlives  #wildlives 


2 months ago spinsimic

@benji_coulter10  I want this tooooo

2 months ago kitty_princess1229


2 months ago facesbyfreda

@michaelnalu  not worth this precious baby

2 months ago maneshmomma

My heart❀️

2 months ago abdullasalah1230


2 months ago foxguy18

Omg I love foxes 🦊

2 months ago luxywifey

ommmgggg thats a foxx wthh @twotower 

2 months ago twotower

@litstephy  CUTE right?πŸ™„

2 months ago luxywifey

@twotower  YESSS

2 months ago emmunger


2 months ago trillblackgirlllll

But not buying the coat won’t make the Fox any less dead

2 months ago trillblackgirlllll

I support PETA and would never buy one..I’m just saying..they’re still gonna kill them

2 months ago oscardjr

@joanasallent  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2 months ago ella__noel

@sammy_blueberry11  sorry this isn’t a meme

2 months ago shellzahfox

@hworm  miss you tooo girl!! 😘

2 months ago torvi021

@liassoldeverao  liiinda 😍

2 months ago amaclellan412

@carmac10  please show james this 😍

2 months ago franfrake

So funny!! ❀️❀️

a month ago lucyzz


a month ago lepavu

@theellenshow  ✌️❀️

a month ago hodgiegee

Ya think. Don't be a stupid idiot and buy a fur and not care. THINK

a month ago paulyvalvarezo

Creo q la Tita no es un perro @pamecrespo 

a month ago pamecrespo

@paulyvalvarezo  πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜ asΓ­ es mi tita

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a month ago rissacoles

@trillblackgirlllll  if you don’t buy the furs - the demand goes away. They stop killing them . Who wants to sell something that no one wants ???

a month ago hodgiegee

@trillblackgirlllll  wow. Very positive πŸ‘

20 days ago dabbingpuppy2003

Me when I am around my crush

20 days ago dabbingpuppy2003

Or when my friends tickle me sorry I didn't mean friends sissys