@wildlives ・・・ OMG ❤cute friends 🐓🐶 Video via @animalvideosco @wildlives

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#Repost  @wildlives  ・・・ OMG ❤cute friends 🐓🐶 Video via @animalvideosco  #wildlives  @wildlives 


3 months ago happycampermrsweller

@sherees_jeans  😢😭😫

3 months ago kiradonofrio

That is so cute

3 months ago zoey_linzmaier


3 months ago laverne_fauci

That’s a very nice 🐶 and a nice 🦆 no pecking please

3 months ago unicorn_ella1124

That’s weird

3 months ago salmon1012e

Ow i KNOw the duck it keeping the dog countfrting

3 months ago ali00971506929004s


3 months ago tayloroyaas

@carolineburriss  omg Millie’s dad?

3 months ago nerissawilliams0979


3 months ago carolineburriss

@tayloroyaas  omg no Millie is TERRIFIED of geese. Hates their honks

3 months ago firebirdtnt


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3 months ago royalhayo


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3 months ago peytonshelleylovecats

So sweet

3 months ago peytonshelleylovecats


3 months ago nerner45215

A little to the left. Oh, yeah, that’s the spot. Don’t stop.

3 months ago fyb_13

@d__velasquez  what if that was their "after life" they found one another. Lol

3 months ago marshallsarafeena9807

Grooming time, the dog enjoys it too

3 months ago marshallsarafeena9807

I wish human could live as good as some animals

3 months ago theultimatevision1


3 months ago tamazing_

@sivkate  how adorbs! 😍

2 months ago sodadesoul

Oh my gosh.... Grooming!

2 months ago yogalovin_rosebud


2 months ago raquelpegado

Muito giro

2 months ago eeniidaan

Nawww @dominique_ziswiler 

2 months ago luciasenan.beh

Our relationship pt.2 @liviasegado.beh 

a month ago schachtm

@amy_englund  😍so cute

a month ago amy_englund

@schachtm  ❤️❤️❤️ awww

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15 days ago emmaralphie

Staffyduck see what I did there Ellen digenerous I'm funny too

15 days ago rystalk