What are these? Oh, just some of @pharrell’s shoes for @adidas that my friend @pharrell sent me.

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What are these? Oh, just some of @pharrell’s shoes for @adidas that my friend @pharrell sent me.

What are these? Oh, just some of @pharrell ’s shoes for @adidas  that my friend @pharrell  sent me.


3 months ago linda.declercq.52

You are very LUCKY !!! ♥️ that man. He seems so very nice.

3 months ago kevinlin1

@kvass20  lol, but they’re worth 900 dollars😂😂

3 months ago tx_cali

You need some that say breathe and dance!!!! 💖✨

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3 months ago kvass20

@kevinlin1  hmm ok sell them on eBay 😂😂

3 months ago keri.bandi

Those look like socks

3 months ago marquez725

Nice !!

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3 months ago justhighbtch

Everything's startin' with Ellen @TheEllenShow 

3 months ago carsonconnolly

Ellen a hypebeast? Who knew

3 months ago mjrabus

Omg, my son and I were trying to get those online - but it was impossible

3 months ago ria13ky

Ya cute lil name dropper ,you

3 months ago rita.peng26

Ohoo wooo....what a friend!!! Wish to buy a pair for my Husband!

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3 months ago erfan___azd

Im still listening to the song of him (Get Lucky-Daft punk-Random Access Memories) i cant stop listening men

3 months ago victoriaa_laurenn

Link in my bio ❤️❤️❤️

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3 months ago angelclass76

Can you send me a pair? @pharrell 

3 months ago laverne_fauci

I love that young man from Virginia Beach so am I.Ellen I am a 58 year old lady with lupus and suffer with pain everyday I have great doctors and plenty of medication I was diagnosed in 1997 and been going through every since I worked up until I just couldn’t anymore a lot came upon my husband and myself we are deep in debt but hopefully we will see our way clear soon, we have helped a lot of people mostly friends and family and never looked for anything in return now we need some help and as usually there is no one there I am on disability but it doesn’t cover all our bills I know you help a lot of people and I am not one to beg so I asked that you and your audience gather together and pray for me and my husband I watch him at the computer robbing Peter to pay Paul and it hurts me we are deeply in church and very much in love we have been married for 18 years and know that we should be further than where we are but we just can’t get ahead Ellen keep us in your prayers thank you very much Laverne Fauci

3 months ago kingsimba8377

Those look so comfy!

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3 months ago willmathiassmith_bluesonic

Nice put on the feet table Ellen

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3 months ago deiondre_marks4

@madison_brownie  🤤🤤😁

2 months ago muller7568

What’s the price ?

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2 months ago sunny_b84

How can a regular old school teacher like myself luck up on a pair to buy less than my mortgage payment? Lol

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a month ago daily.malarina

Awesome!! 🌈🌈🌈