@bagels_payne gets sent by @tannerbraungardt’s Audi R8 😲 (🎥: @jackthepayne)

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@bagels_payne  gets sent by @tannerbraungardt ’s Audi R8 😲 (🎥: @jackthepayne ) #sendit  #goodforit 


2 months ago matt.elderrr

@marcobaccio  no

2 months ago grahambillington1

@andrew.jones11  it’s not fake.

2 months ago grahambillington1

@pariah.noid  he hit the corner

2 months ago grahambillington1

@_gabren  it’s not fake. Watch his YouTube video

2 months ago grahambillington1

@mkohoutek15  he’s a red bull sponsored athlete. He’s done that with like 10 cars.

2 months ago grahambillington1

@its_landry  watch the video on @bagels_payne  it’s slomo. You can clearly see he hit his leg

2 months ago _gabren

@grahambillington1  No thanks lol I actually have a life this guy is so immature lmao " lets do flips" and shit little kids do lol

2 months ago mkohoutek16

@grahambillington1  doesn’t matter if he’s a “Red Bull athlete”... he’s still stupid

2 months ago fknchristoph

@mattrojana  fullllllsend

2 months ago coleduncanmusic

Ragdolls ftw

2 months ago ross.litfoot


2 months ago nickotinerush

Rotation count 🤔 @little.noah  @kaleb_monnin 

2 months ago mr.__stranger

Fake news

2 months ago _marky_mark_2000

@andrew.jones11  how tf he got 6 flips in 1 attempt then

2 months ago sargisdavtyan11

He did the flip on the side of the car not over it

2 months ago _bigwave_

@mkohoutek15  red bull denied you wings Kook! Hahhahahahaha! don't stop now? I almost liked this shit.

2 months ago _bigwave_

Why does every kook in skinny jeans have to live?

2 months ago _valeriex_

Man sieht das es fake ist

2 months ago yashgrover8

U just at the side

2 months ago derek.gray

So fake

2 months ago _porter_s_

That was faked

2 months ago astro_sorting_house

“Lay down lay down lay down” I guess that what you say to someone that gets hit by a car.....

2 months ago r_luna50

Dam his shoes flew

2 months ago tpritchard9


2 months ago traptreez

Could've fuckin died

2 months ago ghostgame81

Lay down lay down lay down 😂😂

a month ago natevasquez11


a month ago natevasquez11

How his feet go past the car and he get hit tf

a month ago keon_obrien

@natevasquez11  he got hit by the Conner of the r8 watch the video in YouTube there are 5 different angles

a month ago jedininja2185

Glad he survived it.

13 days ago thatsboro

@errlywyatt  lmaoooo

13 days ago thatsboro

@trapquest  @jaholli_  nooooooo

5 days ago zac_is_shaw

@ryanshawzy  idiot!