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3 months ago nico_loco87

Unemployment at its finest

3 months ago aprilrealtalk100

We need to start building our own black wall street we have enough lawyers, doctors, business men/women I was taught when you come up bring someone up too thanks Colin.

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Nice Shot

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Biggest fake in the world!! He change nothing

3 months ago wu_chu_

I always dream to the twins

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@pwsxtfnbzzcsqb  You're delusional hater.

3 months ago nikki21210

Yesssss COLIN!!!!!!!! 👊🏾🕶👊🏾🕶👊🏾🕶👊🏾

3 months ago nikki21210

@nico_loco87  Is that a black woman beside you? Where is this poor girls father?!?!?! Somebody get this girl out of the sunken place!

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@onuwdiwo  greatest thing I’ve read.

3 months ago yohannah_5

I hate kapaernick.

3 months ago mostafaru

He looks north African for some reason

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@jolya_sukherukova  you're on drugs. Visiting someone in the hospital is nothing different from what kap is doing. Or wearing pink for cancer. Or donating to food banks.

3 months ago caamdnn

@yohannah_5  ignorant

3 months ago kitty801

"I know I can, be what I wanna be"

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@kathrynmarrow  is that u in the purple shirt u look very nice☺

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I love this man 💜💜💜💜

2 months ago nessaaamorgan

They really wanted to highlight his blackness with the fro and dashiki 😭

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@leiila14  that's who u look like with ur Afro 😂

2 months ago leiila14

@heart4hooves.17  😂🤣😂🤣😂

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@adelinnaisufi  the tree 🌳 du weish a wer mich de erinneret 😂🙏

a month ago adelinnaisufi

@ajlii  i cha nüm..eif alange hahahahaha😂😂👏🏽