One more for my fave 💋

Kim Kardashian West - @kimkardashian Instagram Profile by kimkardashian 3 months ago
One more for my fave 💋

One more for my fave 💋


10 days ago


10 days ago charliebrown_n_marijane

Fake news wanna be never be selena 💯

10 days ago _ammil__


10 days ago velvet23blue


10 days ago tania_gomez_2018

Omg. She almost looks like my idol Selena.. !

9 days ago gen9504

Everyone should just stop let her Rest In Peace

9 days ago cristhiang99


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9 days ago arlenefonseca66

Vc fica linda de franja!!! 😍😘

8 days ago elsacholotio

@leos.lizard  actually it wasn’t 💦

8 days ago suelenp23

Selena Quintanillaaaa ❤

8 days ago natynoe5453

Selena mi ídolo

8 days ago the_manzzz_all_minezzz

#nononononononoooo  Don't insult real talent or #selenaquintanillas  memory with this knockoff photo.

7 days ago leos.lizard

What do you mean? @elsacholotio  she said in an interview that people would accuse her (Selena) of plastic surgery but it wasn’t true plus the technology back them wouldn’t have made you look better

6 days ago dior27

I love Selena ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

6 days ago lilianaeliza188

Tbh, she doesn’t look like Selena, but she literally looks like Jlo in this outfit!😱

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6 days ago rileigilbert

@the_manzzz_all_minezzz  Costumes are a knock off of everything lady so don't be tryna judge jus cuz you tryna hate. AND I'm pretty sure she got way closer than most people so if anything it's beautiful

6 days ago ferrer_0115

Looks like a mannequin...fake

5 days ago susiieeq_

Please adopt me

5 days ago zri19_


5 days ago dime_jeremy

You look so beautiful Kim Kardashian ❤❤❤, please married with me😍😍😍😍😍

4 days ago zzmaggie13

Selena’s body was natural. You’re fake

4 days ago stfualejandro

Nooo . no stop. Please. Selena had talent

3 days ago jessicalopez308

Agradécele siempre!! Gracias a Selena eres quien eres!! Selena hizo a Jlo famosa por la película.. y Jlo te hiso famosa ati.. siempre te quisiste parecer a Jlo y le copiaste su tracero.. igual no me caes mal🌸💋

3 days ago liliananungaray1

Selena was number 1 still is

2 days ago lovelygriseldaa

I loveeeeeeee it!!!

2 days ago ddjori

Come on Selena was Real

17 hours ago more_life_empire

Damn 💎