Look for our vertical video of my trip to do our shows in Dubai!!! Coming soon!! On @dubaiairports

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Look for our vertical video of my #AMORAMORAMOR  trip to do our shows in Dubai!!! Coming soon!! On #spotify  #theDUBAIexperience  @dubaiairports  #MustbeDXB 


a month ago chauntaepink

I c u @mattday_from_thebay  ✨

a month ago life.of.alice

Can't support an actress that supports the fur trade

a month ago lulu_natique

Please stop wearing fur!

a month ago mtyrnnbssr


a month ago evi_horemans

Please choke

a month ago mary_bailarina


a month ago cristysavar

En donde estas jenifer

a month ago auracgramajo

So sad people are jealous don't comment if you have nothing positive to say

a month ago catherinekuellmercckk

Why do you have to wear fur? Tortured animals on your back.

25 days ago scottparker57

You absolutely cruel because supporting and wearing fur @jlo 

25 days ago ali.ameri7611


18 days ago revesya


14 days ago gustavobedoya1974


14 days ago _dolcevegan

Animal abusers wear fur

11 days ago skizzenfuchs

@auracgramajo  fur has nothing to do with jealous!

11 days ago mtacita

You dumb

10 days ago ali_bosaki95

Hello. Dear Mrs. Jennifer Lopez, I am an Iranian boy who I must say is fascinated and crazy about you. You are very beautiful and nice lady. Your friend and fan. Ali Besaki❤❤❤❤

9 days ago luvjp89

@jason742682  @yoly161  when the fam is over for the holidays / selfie dance video😂

8 days ago masome.nor

5 days ago herbsarahoney_bey_comb

Stay in the light,don't be lead astray, remember whom you are,remember JESUS, you were born for his purpose (luv you beautiful and blessed (JLO)

5 days ago ednamarzan66

I LOVE the repor you have with your dancers

4 days ago levanivosasi


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a day ago anthony.marquez.3538

Crazy for you bae i really do😍😍😍💗💋💋💋

10 hours ago alirezayp7677