Set it off

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Set it off

Set it off


a month ago alina.abadiano

She's so cute

a month ago 916.glo

Check dms please

a month ago ana.brbot

Livin' queen <3

a month ago feb15uaryyyy._


a month ago _curlyqueen.j

You are sooooo beautiful Zendaya 😍😍😍. Honestly you are one of my biggest inspirations and I love you so much I hope I can meet you one day 💓

a month ago reggiewiththe.wedgie

Ur great...

a month ago norozi_parham45

یک خانومی نیس بیادحرف بزنیم حوصلمون سرفت بابامن سکس نمیخوام نترس

a month ago isabelli304

Love this 😍❤️

a month ago dreysteph

Or shake it off😂👌🏻

a month ago mdr.mike


a month ago nikita_dunnage

denim on denim 😉❤

24 days ago noemie.rnt_

Cool to see fun in the world👌

23 days ago laurahh__


20 days ago zore8068


20 days ago jhogutgon

@jhessgg  yo tengo esos zapatos 😍😍

20 days ago jhessgg

@jhogutgon  bitch

20 days ago moonliteleven

you’re so cute oh my god

19 days ago zakiaradiaz

I like your hair

18 days ago iamedwinortega

@j.llow  I want you

17 days ago haroonaboalgasm


15 days ago vanessaslegg

Please let me ask a question

13 days ago fitchefmason

Zendaya you have such a pure vibe . I love the way you are. Please stay sweet

12 days ago annie.comarmond

@alideswart  VERY SIMILAR

12 days ago alideswart

@annie.comarmond  WITH SOCKS - I LIKE

12 days ago specia_vera

Lol you look nerdy

11 days ago thiccy.vicky_


8 days ago garth.the.k1d

one of my favorites there beautiful

4 days ago thatkelseygirl

Daya are you okay loafers with the white socks

4 days ago mkg.viix.14


4 days ago charlotteee.n_

@f.oefoe  op de eerste dacht ik dat jij t was lol

4 days ago f.oefoe

@charlotteee.n_  HAHA 😂

4 days ago chasity.clark

Obsessed with those pants 😍😍😍

2 days ago lisa_celebrin