All you need is ❤️

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All you need is ❤️

All you need is ❤️


3 months ago giantsgogo

You’re a nice lady ❤️

3 months ago geelo89

@victorryf  who's the true quote from

3 months ago barbaraporcari

❤❤❤ so true ❤❤❤

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Yes, because the real reason why do people say love hurts it's when they confuse it with the feeling of addiction♥♠

2 months ago sofia.avella

@ovorodrigopereira_11  tal cual me lo dijiste el otro dia 😂

2 months ago ovojordan_11

@sofia.avella  ves?🤷🏼‍♂️

2 months ago simsalabim_7

@magazinus  missing our love ❤

2 months ago magazinus

@simsalabim_7  me too. One year done one to go 😘

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@l_daggss  ❣️❣️

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Mesa Selimovic was my countryman he died 1982 but he put's behind himself so many beatiful Fortress it is about love and how man should love woman

2 months ago

If you’re interested and if you can find his books in english, try read it.

2 months ago marina__todorovic

@nadjakilibarda  vidi ko je napiso

2 months ago nadjakilibarda

@marina__todorovic  pod jedan khm khm bulllshit!! Pod dva wow😍

2 months ago _im__sara

Truu dat

2 months ago love2dowhatido

Yes, I agree with this. Many people use this expression thinking about romantic love. In English, we don't have a particular word for the different types of "loves" that exist. The Greeks did. E'ros was the word they used to describe love between the sexes. The other two are storge and philia. However, the most important out of all is called agape. This love is driven by principle. That's why so many marriages don't work. They only have eros love, but as soon as that attraction is gone for whatever reason, that love is gone. People need to cultivate all the types of love, especially the other three because they're more noble.

2 months ago iammichelrosee

Brilliant n true

2 months ago hagrid94420

That only works if you found love. And if it last long enough

2 months ago ednaselimovic

@selimovic.a  kati je dedo poznat stas

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#it  only hurts if you let it#

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I love you and you make me feel wonderful 😍👊🏼💍 @caradelevingne 

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couldnt agree more.

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@fflrmm  😍

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@sch_mathilde_  ❤️

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@diegobarbadillo  I quote you, « el amor es horrible »

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@clara.redondo  omg these makes sense

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@_joshuahilton  ❤️❤️😇

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