A cover...took my breath away. Congratulations @edward_enninful what a way to start @adwoaaboah @britishvogue 💥

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A cover...took my breath away. Congratulations @edward_enninful what a way to start @adwoaaboah @britishvogue 💥

A cover...took my breath away. Congratulations @edward_enninful  what a way to start @adwoaaboah  @britishvogue  💥


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Yesss Britain who doesn’t like the uk

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a month ago beatrizntvd

@lliviarocha  não parece a Taís Araújo?

a month ago beatrizntvd

@taisdeverdade  idêntica à vc

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@taisdeverdade  jurava que era vc

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Jurei que era a Tais Araújo

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@latamaraa  Wo bist du mein Sonnenliiicht

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Yesssssssssssssssss millie

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@f_alotibi_1  قديمه

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@thesovnayomy  this work is stunning

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@taisdeverdade  sua sósia!

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You took my breath away

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Ew! Her makeup looks weird!

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Zayn :)💖

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Ahhh its millies name!!!

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@haileylynn13bau  nobody asked and bizzare is cute why did u click then to hate to waste?

18 days ago haileylynn13bau

@yopolo7248  because I'm aloud to comment on a picture if I feel the need to do so. And nobody asked you to to reply to my comment. "Why did u click then to hate to waste?" Wonderful grammar you have there by the way.

18 days ago yopolo7248

@haileylynn13bau  and what are you supposed to have good grammar and btw I just liked her picture but since you have good grammar like “aloud” you mean allowed sooo yeah I do have good grammar at least better than yours

17 days ago haileylynn13bau

@yopolo7248  haha. Nice try. I'm loving your run-on sentence! I've noticed that you also have amazing punctuation skills! I would really appreciate if you would remember that "btw" isn't a word. I don't believe I have ever come across the word "sooo" before. Oh yeah! Maybe because it doesn't exist!

17 days ago yopolo7248

@haileylynn13bau  btw means by the way...jeeez it’s sad that you don’t know crap

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where da eyebrows do??

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Wow you’re really pretty here

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Millie 💓💓

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@aloha_evie  this was a week ago like ur soo lame🤦🏻‍♀️

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She's literally queen Nefertiti 🦁

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@taisdeverdade  achei que era você diva

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@yopolo7248  and yet you’re also still on here aha

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