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a month ago davidbotwin

@adele  you are like an angel, and if destiny exist yours is certainly sing songs for us. Hope to hear your concert someday ❤️ take care!

a month ago plagiadorah

Miss u Adele! Espero que mejores y vuelvas con más fuerza que nunca ! Estaremos esperándote 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

a month ago micaiaherkian

sobre el mundo

a month ago juanmoscosotv

Gran publicación 😇

a month ago gingmk

@imabyssinia  hey, this is what im talking about with Adele

a month ago sdinhoabayomi

...we love you too, Adele... 😍😍😍

a month ago imabyssinia

@gingmk  😢😢😢😢😢NO😢😢😢

a month ago weloveadeleadkins

I’m still sad about this

a month ago tvtplus

November DEALS for #Camera  at 👉 👈

25 days ago jasonwang8398

Never mind!Waitting for u forever!

24 days ago bizhansariaslani


24 days ago ajsabilitytospeakfreely

Hello. ❤️

24 days ago ajsabilitytospeakfreely

Get well soon. Love.

24 days ago bruno._.daniel


22 days ago little_miss_sunshine_4_ever

Those weren't your last concerts, were they!?🤤 We love you so much we would even come to London for a concert. Just wanted to know if you're still going to do any concerts. PLEASE❤

21 days ago diiddii1994

@weloveadeleadkins  me too :(

21 days ago hannahmulgrew_

😪 @olliepearey  but an unforgettable surfing sesh (the one where I nearly died) came out it being cancelled so all is not lost x

21 days ago shirleymeuldijk

Is there any information available about a possible reschedule?? I'm still hoping for it😔

18 days ago couceirogui

And the DVD? @adele  are you going to perform this 2 shows that have left?

18 days ago couceirogui

I miss you @adele  I'm from Brazil. I really wish you'd came here.

17 days ago adkins_nahia


16 days ago marygriffin2960

Is she not singing anymore

10 days ago jjjones001

You are worth the wait and then some. Just take care of yourself!

9 days ago rmdhnsyhptra

Ini ni @ranarinukti 

8 days ago fatou1085


6 days ago _dxniel02_

Is anyone still sad an heartbroken like me? Because I’m no where near over this yet😭 ILoveYou adele❤️ most heartbreaking thing is I been waiting 6 months an a bit an it gets to the morning of the show an I read this i was so heartbroken I didn’t eat for a whole week An didn’t stop crying for 8 hours 😭💔

4 days ago lukedylanofficial


a day ago ridwan.25_

Adele kapan comeback 😩